Oily Skin & Open Pores Treatment
This treatment is specially designed to regulate the sebum production and minimize open pores. Depending on the skin condition, this treatment may require more than one treatment. Recommended is a 6-8 sessions program complemented by regular use of home care products depending on the degree of excess sebum and open pores.

Trolley Preparation:
Soluble Gel Cleanser (as desired)
Exfovital (2 teaspoons or 5gms)
Oily Skin Massage Cream (2 teaspoons or 5gms)
Galvanic Gel (2 teaspoons or 5gms)
Massage Facilitator (as desired)
Miracle Cool Mask (Peel Off)
Oily Skin Care Gel (as desired)
Dermabrite Fortifying Sun Care Lotion SPF30 (PA++)

Bowl for mask preparation and spatula
Soft wipes for cleansing
Galvanic/Ultrasonic/High Frequency Machine

For more details please contact our Marketing Executive

Recommended Home Care:
Oily Skin Care Gel
Dermabrite Fortifying Sun Care Lotion SPF30 (PA++)
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