Pigmentation Treatment
This treatment is specially designed to combat pigmentation due to various factors such as reducing the brownish skin tone, melanin disorder and melasma. Depending on the type and depth of the pigmentation, this treatment may require more than one session. Recommended is a 6-8 session treatment program complemented by regular use of home care products advised for a lighter and brighter skin tone.

Trolley Preparation:
Soluble Gel Cleanser (as desired)
Exfovital (2 teaspoons or 5gms)
Pigmentation Massage Cream (2 teaspoons or 5gms)
Massage Facilitator (as desired)
Four Miracles Mask (Peel Off)
Pigmentation Lightening Cream (as desired)
Pigmentation Sunscreen Lotion (as desired)

Bowl for mask preparation and spatula
Soft wipes for cleansing
Galvanic/Ultrasonic/High Frequency Machine

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Recommended Home Care:
Pigmentation Sunscreen
Pigment Lightening Cream
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