Jasmine Wonder body mask / wrap
An Ayurvedic wellness formulation based on seaweed and mineral mud.Combined with floral extracts essential oils.

Wellness Effects
Brightens skin complexion by cleaning off skin pores.
Enhance Blood Circulation supplying more minerals and oxygen to skin.
Absorbs excess oil from the skin providing balanced skin texture.
Gives a Face lift through firming up the skin and reducing age related laugh lines.
Rejuvenate and Energies the skin cells.
Cooling and Soothing skin disorders caused due to heat waves.

Body Mask Variants
Red Rose -All types of skin.
Neem Cool-Helps soothing Sun-tan & skin breakouts.
Blue Cool- Gives extra cooling to body.
Jasmine Wonder - Moisturizer & Conditions the body.
Chocolate Wrap - Gives Nourishment Supplying minerals & oxygen.
Papaya Body Wrap - Helps to combat the again on the skin.
Banana Body Wrap - Enhances the shine & Suppleness of skin.
Coconut Body Wrap - Nourishment & Rejuvenation of Skin.
Purifying Heating Wrap - Helps in detoxification & removal of fats.
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