Eternal Bliss Massage Oil

Sensual Bliss Massage Oil

Blend is developed to create and facilitate a better intimate life for couples. An ayurvedic formulation, it is a massage oil that triggers the deep senses of the human mind and awakens sensuality. With its essence and touch, it raises the senses of sensuality as well as desire of divine togetherness. When planning a romantic evening, enough time should be set aside for both partners to be in a relaxed and receptive mood. The essential oils are absorbed by the skin, and the positive therapeutic effects of the

essential oils

will be transported through the entire body. It is

invigorating, energizing and relaxing

as well.

Key Ingredients:
Carrier/Base Oils: Sesame seed oil, Jojoba oil, Sunflower oil,Key Essential oils: Mogra Oil, Black Pepper Oil, Clary Sage Oil and Ginger Oil.

Pack Size:
250 ml & 1 Lit
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