Deep Pore Cleansing Cream
An Ayurvedic formulation, it is a deep cleanser that works well to remove makeup and other polluting elements from the skin due to environmental factors or by living habits of the modern world.

It is based on herbal extracts i.e. licorice and blends of authentic Indian essential oils which works on the top layer of the skin as well as under the pores for deep and effective cleansing that leads to smoother ,healthier and nourished skin texture.

“Deep Pore Cleansing Cream” is a mild cleanser that is suitable for all skin types and very mild on sensitive skin.

Key Ingredients:
Cream Base, Licorice extract, Essential oil blends of - Lavender oil, Peppermint oil, Turmeric Oil and Lemon Oil.

Pack Size:
250 gm & 1 Kg
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