Massage Cream for Oily Skin
Best Massage Creams for Oil Skin Available in India, best facial for oily skin you should knowMassage Cream For Oily Skin is a unique combination of botanical extracts, that helps regulate, control and reduce the sebum production, especially in the T-zone area of the face. This cream also aids in minimizing the pore size and reducing the shine on the skin due to excess sebum.

Larrea Divaricata extract and Enantia Chlorantha extract, together work on the oily skin to smoothe, soften and refine the grains of the skin, resulting in a fresher complexion, enhancing the elasticity and imparting suppleness. It also contains excellent antimicrobial properties which take care of acne, and helps regulate the five main causes of skin imperfections.

Key Ingredients:
Aqua, Active Zinc, Triclosan, Enantia Chlorantha extract, Allantoin, Camphor Oil and Larrea Divaricata extracts.

Pack Size:
100 gm & 200 gm
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