The best skin care products are backed by research and formulated with both care and consistency. Dedicated to developing luxury spa products that meet the demands of today's industry, Biosols proudly supplies salons, high end spas, estheticians and dermatologists. With access to an in-house “supercritical co2 extraction” facility, we are able to easily extract 100% pure essential oils to blend into our infusions. As the trusted supplier of luxury beauty products, we take pride in the process each formula is put through. We create evidence-based beauty salon products that are proven to provide results.

Though we have developed our own brand, we also offer third party research services and contract manufacturing. Whether looking for botanical elixirs, serums, massage oils or other types of spa essentials and skin treatments, we're committed to satisfying your every need. Utilizing innovation, ingenuity and imagination, we have created some of the finest beauty parlour products that exist today. The best news of all is that though our luxury spa products are high in quality and effective, they're much more affordable than those offered by big beauty brands. Focused on delivering first class service, scientific research and a diligent manufacturing process, Biosols is leading the way when it comes to beauty and skincare.

Since the time of establishment in year 2000, Serenite range has continuously been added with more and more product lines for

Personal Care

Professional treatment products (facial kits for beauty parlour / beauty salon) and

Spa therapy products / spa treatment products
  • Serenite speciality products have ingredients that are carefully selected for usage and ensured their reorganization with time proven acceptance.
  • Serenite products are completely tested for sensitivity (Dermatology and Clinical tests).
  • “Fresher is the better”, Philosophy behind all Serenite products are produced and packed with this simple rule.

We have more than 2500 beauty salons & spa across India using our spa products and beauty treatment products. Following international standards set for the safety and satisfaction, Serenite spa products and skin care products deliver nothing less than acceptance and expectations.